PT Superior Sarana Sukses was founded in 2018 as a company with transportation services with only 15 fleets. Growing rapidly in 3 years, currently we have 150 trucks, 25 tronton, 2 CDD Dump Trucks, and 11 Tronton Dump Trucks as well as more than 200 drivers who are experienced and competent in their fields. PT Superior Sarana Sukses has a vision to become a reliable and responsive transportation company in providing services to our customers. PT Superior Sarana Sukses adhere to the core value of speed, service and safety (3S) in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. PT Superior Sarana Sukses operates in Java and Bali. PT Superior Sarana Sukses has 2 large pools in Lamongan Regency and in Mojokerto Regency. To maintain our quality services and prove our responsibility in delivering goods, each fleet can be monitor respectively in real time due to the existence of GPS which is monitored by our team.

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  • Jl. Gresik - Babat KM 151
    Ds. Karangtinggil, Kec. Pucuk,
    Kab. Lamongan

    Jl. Sukoanyar, Ds. Kembangringgit, Kec. Pungging, Kab. Mojokerto