Rumah Sakit Vania

Vania Hospital is located in the center of the city of Bogor, which is on Jalan Siliwangi No 11, East Bogor District. The location itself quite close to the Batutulis Palace and the Presidential Palace in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, which has become an icon of the city of Bogor.

Vania Hospital was inaugurated by the Mayor of Bogor, Mr. DR. H. Bima Arya Sugiarto on Saturday, November 1, 2014. The inauguration of the hospital was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Bogor, Mr. Ir. Usmar Hariman, representatives from the Bogor City & District Health Ministry, IDI, PDGI, IBI, PPNI, religious leaders, as well as healthcare communities in Bogor such as Persadia and Jantung Sehat.

Vania Hospital is supported by a team of doctors and medical personnel who are reliable and professional in their fields such as trained nurses, nutritionists, analysts and radiographers. In addition, we also prepare complete medical support facilities to meet the needs of health services. For the emergency service unit, Vania Hospital's IGD is supported by a team of doctors and nurses who are on standby 24 hours to help manage and deal with emergencies in patients. At Vania Hospital outpatient clinic, we have competent dentists and specialist doctors such as pediatricians, gynecologists and obstetrics, internal medicine, neurological, general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, eye, lung, urology, ENT, radiology, anesthesia, clinical pathology, psychologists and beauty clinics.

For treatment rooms, there are general treatment rooms for children and adults as well as intensive care rooms for ICU / HCU and NICU / PICU. Furthermore, the Medical Check Up facility has prepared a special executive room with complete facilities such as tread mill, echocardiography, audiometry and spirometry.

The motto of Vania Hospital is Excellent quality service, in order to fulfill our motto, Vania Hospital commit to provide excellent service as a whole, fast, precise, friendly and comfortable, consistent, and focus on patients with great love which we always hold firmly to be in line with our vision, namely the realization of Vania Hospital as a trusted healthcare solution provider in Bogor in the context of the globalization era.

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