PT Mitrasukses Maju Bersama is a construction company that was founded in Bogor in February 2004. We provide integrated construction services that are supported by the latest technology to provide comprehensive construction work by prioritizing quality and safety to serve market needs including government and private companies in Indonesia.

As a total solution contractor company, we are ready to provide value added solutions by committing to our customers by providing the best service in maintaining quality and safety which creates and enhances our customers' competitive advantage in the development sector. To fulfill our commitment, we conduct a study of every collaboration with our customers by conducting feasibility studies, planning, engineering design, building construction, project management, as well as operation and maintenance for each project to be worked on. Our team has employees who have expertise in the field that is in accordance with the work they do, we also employ experienced builders to do every project available.

Our portfolio includes major development in the most sought-after Jakarta locations including Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, as well as in several other big cities such as Solo, Sukabumi, and Magelang. Our project consisting of build or renovate township, super-block, apartment, office tower, mall, industrial estate, hotel, et cetera. In the recent 3 years, we finished several projects for private companies. In 2019, we provide assistance to build Offices in Solo, Magelang, and Tangerang. In 2020, we build warehouse in Jakarta and set up new building material store in Sukabumi. Satisfied with the work we provide, in 2021, our customer trusted us to build up two more building material store with warehouse in Bogor and Karawaci District Area. Beside the building material store, we also renovate several offices in Bekasi and West Jakarta simultaneously.

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